Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Breaking Down....

Monday December 14th, 2009

Daniel & I went to a friend's house to finish fixing their car, but the part that her son told us we needed was NOT what was wrong with the vehicle.  So, the car still didn't turn over.

While there, we noticed that one of my tires was going flat... so... off to Walmart we went.  Then he called about the part needed for his truck (that has been broken down since Saturday!)  and that part was going to come in at 3pm that afternoon.

At 4:23pm, I was still sitting around the shop, waiting....

Got tired of waiting, so I dug in and got greasy myself, helping with his truck and had fun helping.

Turned out that they sold him the wrong part, which, with everything going on, we didn't notice until the part was installed and most everything was put back together.

Tuesday December 15th, 2009

Well, we got home around 9-9:30pm that night... had to have the truck towed home...

Went back to the garage to put a new tire on my van while we waited for the correct part for his truck to be delivered at noon.


The infamous "Show-Down" time

I was afraid of it ending up being just that... if the part didn't work out this time!


I walked around taking pictures of spiders and plants and whatever else I could find that was interesting... and write about this mess.

Why does this crap always happen all at once and right before the holidays?!  Anyone else out there have any "Car/Holiday Issues" they'd like to share? 

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